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The mission of The Henry and Clark Foundation is to raise awareness and support for children and animals in need.

The Henry and Clark Foundation is an extension of our belief in making a positive difference in the world by working together for the greater good. Passion in our purpose, integrity and service to others.

Events will be focused on raising funds, awareness of issues that at-risk children and animals experience, and products that will promote the health and well-being including drives for food, toys, backpacks and other items deemed useful. This foundation will inspire the giving spirit that exists within all of us as we work together to make a difference.

Our passion and love for our two beagles, Henry and Clark, was the impetus for this foundation. The simplest gesture of compassion and love makes such a difference in their lives. It was an easy transition for us to want to spread that joy to other animals and children.

Our focus is not in one niche area. The need doesn’t begin or end in one area and our foundation will strive to make a difference in as many areas as possible.

The founders, Ben and Jessica Wells, are devout Christians. It is impossible to separate their religious beliefs from this foundation. It is through their beliefs they have been led to this place in life where they will take the biblical example of the loaves of bread and move this foundation forward for the benefit of many.

The foundation has no political affiliations.

Knowledge is key to the success of our foundation. We will use any outreach available to inform and educate communities about the needs that exist. Together, with support from the foundation and communities, we will access the area where we can sustain the most impact. Multiple drives for essentials needed will be conducted throughout the United States. We will also become involved with nationwide days of giving and the growth of our donor base to support the demand for our foundations outreach.

The foundation will be focused on supporting children and animals in need. A variety of fundraising events will be offered throughout each calendar year. Emphasis will be placed on the needs of children and animals in each specific community served by the foundation.