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The Henry and Clark Foundation have partnered with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center to support free music lessons and arts programs for teens!

For a small donation of $5.00 (plus S&H*see rates) we will send you two stickers featuring a Halloween theme for both foundations, and two custom Dunlop Tortex® guitar pics with both non-profit’s logos!

You are also welcome to donate any additional amount via the DONATE BUTTON. Your donations will support music, dance, art and more.

To learn more about all that teens are offered at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center visit their website for more info (website link).

H&C Pic
AC Pic
AC Sticker
H&C Sticker

United States $5.00+$1.00  S&H
UK, Mexico, Canada $5.00+$2.00 S&H

We are currently shipping packages one time per week to minimize COVID exposure. Thank you!

Support AC’s Solid Rock Teen Centers by donating via the button below ↓